Idan boldly, but never recklessly, confronts these simmering issues with sensitivity, intelligence and an over-abundance of talent…
— Ed Rampell, The Forward
…A stunning piece of theater.
Highly recommended.
— Gail Louw, Brighton Fringe Review, England


What and where is home? Combining poetry, dance, and character monologue, Sariyah Idan conveys a young Jewish-American woman’s struggle to understand her identity, her family, justice and the meaning of home through the lens of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Idan’s portrayal of seventeen vibrant and diverse Americans, Palestinians, and Israelis, uncovers a new Middle East of grief, daily struggle, and humor. HOMELESS IN HOMELAND is a 90min solo show in a documentary hip-hop theatre aesthetic, based on a trip taken by the writer-performer to the State of Israel and the occupied West Bank. “a dramatic tour-de-force…not to be missed (Hollywood Progressive).” The play briefly touches on her studies of Islam and how she was born on a Sufi commune in New York.

HOMELESS IN HOMELAND was birthed from Sariyah’s commitment to the intersection of multiple narratives through a lens of compassion, her investigation of the responsibility that comes with privilege, and her belief that interdisciplinary performance has the capacity to create transformational experiences.


In conjunction with productions Sariyah leads workshops in derived solo and ensemble performances and arts based dialogue. Workshops are designed for two different groups, writers/performers and organizers/community leaders. Ms Idan holds an MFA in theater and music from CIIS in San Francisco, and a BA in arts and social change from Hampshire College in Amherst MA.