Photo: Maya Standel

Photo: Maya Standel

Sariyah is a compassionate and hilarious mentor who explodes with positive energy. She always joins in on the fun but when it’s time for business, she doesn’t play. She will show you everything you have and demand that you strive for your greatest potential.
— Regine Bailey, Acting & Poetry student, San Francisco

Sariyah facilitates both private and group workshops ranging from project and voice coaching to group writing and performance workshops. She draws on her professionally experience, arts education background, and the wisdom of her teachers. She has BA in Arts and Social Change and an MFA in both Music and Theater.


Sariyah Idan believes in the power of personal story and interdisciplinary performance to transform individuals, communities and societies. She is committed to deepening the conversation by drawing out the unique purpose of individuals, discussing hard topics, and building community. Through guided writing exercises and group sharing, Sariyah facilitates the cultivation of craft, community, and expression. Her POETRY TO PERFORMANCE method is versatile and can be used to coach young and developing writer-performers, invite activists/organizers to deepen their connection to their work and community, guide seasoned artists to discover new areas of their work. Ideal workshop size is between five and fifteen. Length of time can vary depending on needs and capacity. With over a decade of teaching experience, a BA in Arts and Social change from Hampshire College, an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from CIIS, and her experience as an internationally touring singer-songwriter, dancer and actor-playwright, Sariyah brings a wealth of tools to the workshop table.

POETRY TO PERFORMANCE draws out and polish the passions of participants. The work begins on the page, moves into sharing aloud and potentially into performance. With a background in spoken word poetry, theater, dance and music/lyricism, Sariyah tailors her coaching to the unique needs and gifts of participants while encouraging discussion, participant critique, and accountability to each other. Levels can range from beginner to professional. Style ranges from self exploration to poetry, music and theater development. Workshops can also be crafted as writing and discussion groups for organizers, educators, and activists to deepen their work and relationships. Sariyah’s POETRY TO PERFORMANCE method is the basis for her own creative process as a singer-songwriter and also for her aclaimed documentary solo theater show HOMELESS IN HOMELAND based on a trip she took to Israel/Palestine.


As a vocal and songwriting teacher Sariyah pulls from her own organic process which she fine tuned while studying with master vocalist and conductor Melanie Demore during her MFA studies at CIIS. Jazz trained and world music influenced, she offers a few structures and basic theory but mainly assists students to find what works for them. Her own vocal and arranging practice has recently been steeped in her training with Bobby McFerrin in Circlesinging.


Sariyah is skilled at focusing on creative authenticity along with the big picture for production and project launch. With multiple projects under her belt and expertise in multiple creative genres, from solo theater to recording projects, she has wealth of wisdom to offer. Sariyah pulls from her experience coached by Rha Goddess in the WE GOT ISSUES art and activism leadership training and her time as the creator and producer of many successful projects.